Diamond Bezel Bracelet in Royal Blue

Diamond Bezel Bracelet in Royal Blue


Product Description

A symbol of friendship, this minimalist diamond bezel in yellow gold bracelet with royal blue recycled nylon and Scosha signature closure serves as a cute reminder of someone or something special. Children's birthstones are a favorite! They look beautiful stacked.
- 14k gold vermeil over sterling
- 2.3mm white diamond
- 10mm 10k gold button closure
- braided wax nylon in royal blue

SCOSHA handmade in Brooklyn
It was in the local craft markets of Jericoacoara, Brazil that Australian-born Scosha Woolridge sold her very first piece of handmade jewelry; this was the beginning of a passion for jewelry making that continues to this day. Being an avid traveler, Scosha draws her inspiration from the cultures she has observed on her expeditions through the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and South America.

In 2007 the SCOSHA brand became reality in New York City with the first Signature Bracelet. Inspired by a memory of traveling through India, Scosha recalled a young girl she had met; her ears newly pierced with a hot pink thread and accented by a single, tiny gold bead in place of a traditional earring. The combination struck her as simple but beautifully harmonious.

Scosha’s continued exploration of cultures, colors and the bond of community has remained key in the communication of her brand. It is her deeply personal approach to design that continues to inform all of her pieces, giving them a sense of wonder, beauty, and timelessness.