Caspian Coral Coaster
Emma J. Shipley

Caspian Coral Coaster



Emma meticulously draws all of the designs by hand in pencil, inspired by the irregular patterns, bold colours and unique beauty of the natural world.

The Caspian pattern is part of the magical Wilderie collaboration with interior experts Clarke & Clarke. This design features the iconic British lion and unicorn and is inspired by C.S Lewis's enchanting world of Narnia. Graphic foliage and surreal trees add a signature twist to this imaginative design. Rich coral and burnt orange tones of the luxurious Caspian pattern is perfect to add an air of maximalist magic to your interior!

Gloss finish & cork base 3.2mm thick
Heat-resistant to 160°C (320°F)
Eucalyptus board
Protective melamine coating
Nonslip base
Handmade in England