Protea Coral Coaster
Emma J. Shipley

Protea Coral Coaster



Emma meticulously draws all of the designs by hand in pencil, inspired by the irregular patterns, bold colours and unique beauty of the natural world.

The Protea pattern is inspired by the mythology and ancient rock paintings of the indigenous San people of South Africa. This mesmerizing design features curious creatures leaping through a landscape of twisting foliage, including lions, zebras, and antelopes with hunter-gatherer characteristics. The stunning animal print stands out with the intense royal blue, sky blue and grey hand-drawn details against a neutral off-white background, highlighted beautifully by pale yellow accents. Perfect for updating a room and transporting you into a surreal African dream world. The Wilderie collection made in collaboration with interior experts Clarke and Clarke.

Gloss finish & cork base 3.2mm thick
Heat-resistant to 160°C (320°F)
Eucalyptus board
Protective melamine coating
Nonslip base
Handmade in England