Rose Bath Bomb

Rose Bath Bomb



Let’s set the scene – you’re finally home from a long day, and the bathtub is calling your name (ignore the kids screaming!) A mix of essential oils, olive oil, and epsom salts all wrapped into one broad spectrum hemp extract infused bath bomb is waiting for you. Whether you choose Lavender, Grapefruit, Lemongrass or Rose your body is thanking you for the self-care that comes with glowing skin, aromatherapy, and overall tension relief.

CBD bath bombs are one of the most relaxing and easiest ways to use CBD. Once the bomb dissolves into hot water, users can absorb the cannabidiol through their skin. Like CBD lotions and creams, CBD bath bombs are a topical product. But unlike lotions and creams, bath bombs are not a targeted way to use CBD. So, how do they work? Simply drop it into the tub and watch it fizzle and dissolve. The product will release essential oils into the water for a soothing, spa-day-at-home experience.