FOCUS Drops 500mg

FOCUS Drops 500mg



Feeling a little Adult ADD? We've got you.
Formulated as a plant based alternative to stimulants, FOCUS is a blend of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil and therapeutic terpenes to inspire sharpness and improve mood and memory. FOCUS calms the senses rather than heightening alertness for clear communication between body and mind. 1 oz; 500 mg CBD

FOCUS is a daytime formula. Ideal for increasing productivity, improving physical performance, and keeping the mind calm. We suggest beginning with a ½ dropper to acclimate to the blend, eventually increasing volume as needed.

Daily use to improve mood, energize, and keep the mind focused.
Cannabinoids: CBD
Terpenes: A-Pinene
Fat Soluble Carrier: Organic MCT Oil
Lemon, Rosemary, White Jasmine