TGP B12 Awake
The Good Patch

TGP B12 Awake



Stuck in the afternoon slump? This patch is complete with caffeine, B12 and green tea to give you an extra boost! Includes 4 patches.
To Use: Peel and stick one patch for up to 12 hrs. All done? Simply peel the patch off.

"I was pleasantly surprised as to how effective this patch is. I noticed a certain alertness within 30 minutes of placing the patch on my wrist. It left me with a feeling of clarity and focus for hours, without the jitters I normally get with too much caffeine." - Mackenzie D

The Good Patch offers an array of safe, tested and pure products. We use industrial hemp that is sourced from the highest quality, organically farmed, non-GMO plants. Extraction methods adhere to the strictest operating procedures. Each batch is third-party tested for purity and quality.