Cucumber Wondermist
Maven Made

Cucumber Wondermist


Product Description

Say hello to Maven Made's newest hydrating facial mist. Think of it like green juice for the face.

This antioxidant-rich mist combines refreshing plant hydrosols and extracts for a sensory experience to prepare skin for moisturizing. Cooling cucumber and calming chamomile tames redness and supplies skin cells with antioxidant-rich hydration while bacteria-fighting tea tree helps reduce and fight acne and inflammation.

We’ve made this product simple to use and easily adaptable to any skincare ritual. Use as a first step before moisturizing (it helps improve absorption of products following the Wondermist), as an after sun spray, or a calming mist to relieve acne or inflammatory congestion.

The smell? Herbal and refreshing, slightly sweet (from the chamomile) and medicinal (from tea tree). Let this one settle on the skin for a few minutes for the crisp and cucumber notes to come through.



  • Cucumber distillate* helps reduce excess sebum (oil), softens skin and reduces free radical damage, specifically UV damage

  • Chamomile distillate* soothes sensitive skin and fights inflammation

  • Rose distillate* helps prevent cellular damage, moisturizes skin and relieves sunburn pain

  • Tea Tee distillate gentle astringent properties tighten skin, fight acne and soothes itchy skin

  • Cucumber Extract strengthen skin cells, reduce puffiness and encourages cellular repair

  • Lactobacillus Ferment natural plant-based preservative and skin conditioner

Extend shelf life and enhance the experience by storing your bottle in the fridge, make sure to shake before application.