Fine Healing Goods

Our line of healing goods are created and cultivated from our certified organic partner farm and GMP-certified lab in Colorado. We believe in taking the guesswork and exclusivity out of the hemp wellness stigma – making it a friendlier, more-embraced option.

We believe in awareness and transparency around health and wellness. We do this by creating natural products with quality ingredients while making their benefits clear and accessible. We believe you don’t have to sacrifice pampering for effective self-care.

We believe in using full-spectrum hemp extract for its healing properties. It’s made from the whole plant but without the mind-alteration – helping you feel relaxed but still sharp.

We carefully chose packaging to create our supply chain with US-only based companies in an effort to minimize our production and manufacturing footprints. We use recycled paper boxes for shipping, biodegradable tissue paper, water soluble corn made packing peanuts, glass containers and soy ink to "walk the walk" as a member of the wellness industry. We know we still have lots of changes to make to improve as soon as we are able, but as a small, self-funded business, we are pretty proud so far. How could we feel good about profits without protecting the planet our hemp grows on? We couldn't.
Less IS more, thoughtful decisions are important, and sustainability matters.

My mission when founding Fine Healing Goods was to encourage people to see cannabis differently. I am honored to introduce you to an upgraded era of plant-based healing, one that will become a daily part of your wellness routine. As a woman-owned and operated business, it is important for me to focus on my profits with a purpose. I aim to work hard to destigmatize cannabis in society by creating an approachable brand for all types of consumers. Decriminalization and minority inclusivity are also high on my list.

- Rachel Daugherty, Founder of Fine Healing Goods

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