Rosewater Face + Body Wondermist
Maven Made

Rosewater Face + Body Wondermist


Product Description

Maven Made's Rosewater Wondermist does it all: refreshes dull skin, hydrates, soothes irritation, sets makeup, and cools sunburns. We recommend using this product as a first step (applied to clean dry skin) before applying Maven Made's best-selling Facial Serum to improve absorption. It also provides optimal hydration during facial Gua Sha or jade rolling. Shake and spray on the face or body.

FULL MOON CHARGED ROSE HYDROSOL* soothes sensitive skin
YLANG YLANG HYDROSOL balances problematic skin
LAVENDER HYDROSOL promotes healing and reduces inflammation
NEROLI HYDROSOL tones and hydrates
*certified organic | all ingredients are 100% plant-based

Extend shelf life and enhance the experience by storing your bottle in the fridge, make sure to shake before application.